Jaime Genis

Welcome to my eFolio. I am Jaime Genis, son of Jaime Genis of Culhucan, Mexico City. Aztec blood runs boiling through my veins, and it is the reason my passion for life burns hotter than the Olympic Flame! I was raised in Mexico City, Mexico, until I reached the age of nine. This was when my parents decided to emigrate to the United States so that my brother and I could pursue a higher education. I willingly took the first step in fulfilling a family dream when I enrolled at Holy Cross College.

I found myself at Holy Cross due to one main factor: I achieved a lifelong dream of obtaining a scholarship to play soccer, the sport I love. There was no way I was going to let that pass me by. I seized the opportunity, and suddenly I was in a place that fit me perfectly. Holy Cross also helped me discover annother passion: language. I spoke three before attending Holy Cross (Spanish, English, and French), and my time here has helped me explore this passion. This is the reason I chose to pursue an English degree. I like to think about my enrollment at Holy Cross as the best bit of luck that has happened to me so far. The school's population is minuscule compared to larger universities and even other colleges, but this allowed me to develop personal relationships with every professor I met. Also, the idea of a Liberal Arts Education was extremely enticing. This means that in order to graduate I would have to successfully complete the Four Pillars: the Service Learning Experience, the Internship Experience, the Global Perspectives Experience, and the Senior Capstone presentation. Each of these experiences demand that students grow in virtue. I hope I can successfully convey the most special parts of my experience at Holy Cross in the rest of my eFolio through the links found on either side of this page.

"Sail Your Own Winds" is the theme I chose for my eFolio because I believe Holy Cross has given me a set of skills which I have fashioned into a sail that I can use to sail toward whatever direction I want.